Automation For Hydraulic Presses

In a world where time is money, and the demand for industrial growth is a requirement for competitive industry, we find ourselves relying more and more on the unerring quality craftsmanship of automated assembly. As the necessity for technological growth consistently becomes more demanding, industry conglomerates find themselves constantly seeking hydraulic press designers and suppliers that will stand up to the challenge of pushing timely concepts, as well as the concepts of the past, beyond those of competitors.

The answer, it would seem, in today’s demanding industrial market, is that of a company that would go beyond simply supplying complete production assembly of a variety of hydraulic press lines. The ideal supplier would be one that could also cater to the needs of machinery for tube forming, sheet metal fabricating and cutting, machine tools, hydraulic presses, metal forming tools, and even the high-tech market of hydro forming presses. This same “perfect” company would then go so far as to supply new and cutting edge automation to keep these processes running at maximum capacity.

This company would not merely have a working concept of fast-paced supply and demand, but go beyond that to a high ethical demand from every single division within. It would take pride in consistently upgrading the level of technology of products. It would accept nothing less than the best from the team of result-driven associates. At the same time, it would create a long-term working relationship with its’ client’s and build a teamwork attitude, where it desired the industrial success of the client as much as, if not more than, its’ own.

The supplier would strive to become the one-stop for all the needs of the hydraulic press user, encompassing every aspect that a given industry could require or desire. They would be the designer, the manufacturer, and the marketer. This company would require a long history of positive service, and be available on an international scale.

Competition is the integral driving force in the hydraulic press automation supply industry in the new millennium. Every supplier seems to be focused mainly on the goal of being better than the next one, pushing onward to excel above the rest. However, imagine, if you will, a company that does not concentrate on driving the competitor down, but instead is focused on the success of the client by putting one hundred percent of their time and effort into building a future for the customer.

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Industrial Mechanical Type Businesses and Considerations

When people think of businesses often they do not think of Industrial Mechanical type businesses and yet much of the wealth generated in this country comes from such non-thought of businesses. Most folks do not realize that making things that run our civilization is big business and there is lots of it. Consider if you will the current economic condition in the United States. Things are really hopping and there is a lot of money to be made for those who can get things made on time and right the first time.

Consider all the needs for new refineries, pipelines, ethanol plants, wind generators, construction materials, bridges, aircraft and up-grading all the tooling to make Harley Davidsons, GM Automobiles and Peterbuild Trucks? What about all those tractors, locomotives, tanker cars and military vehicles too? Some one has to design, make and manufacture all these things.

There are structural pieces, ball-bearings, fittings, valves and hundreds of thousands of machined moving parts, which must be built at specific tolerances otherwise well they just will not work. This is something that America is well suited for, getting the job and the parts right the first time. Find a need and fill an important customers desires and you win. There are a million niches to fill too from Space Shuttle parts to the next cruise ship. So, do not sell industry short when considering a business category to hang your hat on.

Isolast(R) J9876 – Is It the Ultimate Material for Mechanical Seals?

Magic Bullet of Mechanical Seals – One Trelleborg Material Fits Most Sealing Requirements

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, a leading provider of sealing technology, has just launched Isolast(R) J9876, which is a brand new perfluoroelastomer that has numerous properties particularly useful for mechanical seals. One thing that sets the compound apart from others is that there’s no need to use multiple grades of materials that support various applications.

Even better, among all the perfluoroelastomers available in the market, the Isolast(R) J9876 offers the widest range of media resistance at increased temperatures. As a result, the compound from Trelleborg provides remarkable long-term retention of physical properties.

The Many Applications of Isolast(R) J9876 Mechanical Seals

Isolast(R) J9876 mechanical seals work well with practically all media. It’s highly resistant to extreme temperatures, and can be used in applications that involve water and steam. It also complies with USP Class VI standards, and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Steven Farnsworth, the CPS processing equipment segment manager of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas, the Isolast(R) J9876 is the newest breakthrough material in sealing technology. It is designed to offer a balance between exceptional media compatibility and impressive thermal resistance.

Farnsworth added that another reason why this perfluoroelastomer is ideal as a mechanical seal material is that it has an enhanced compression set as well as surprisingly delightful temperature capabilities. All these means that Isolast(R) J9876 can stand up to higher temperature and chemical exposure without losing various mechanical properties that make the compound great for sealing.

Isolast(R) J9876 – What Can It Do?

The temperature range of the compound is from 19 to 527 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees to 275 degrees Celsius) and its peaks go up to 599 degrees Fahrenheit (315 degrees Celsius).

The perfluoroelastomer seal also comes in different forms, such as gasket, O-Ring, moulded part, and rubber-to-metal bonded components, which include gate and door seals.

Other applications for Isolast(R) J9876 include:

· Pumps

· Chemical processing systems

· Valves

· Refineries

· Power generation equipment

· Semiconductor applications that aren’t directly subjected to plasma sources

About Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

One of the top providers of sealing products, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a developer, maker, and distributor of precision mechanical seals. The markets it supports include the industrial, aerospace, and automotive sectors. It has over 20 production centres as well as 40 marketing companies around the world.

Among the brands found in the company’s portfolio are:

1. Chase Walton

2. Busak+Shamban

3. Forsheda

4. Dowty

5. Palmer Chenard

6. GNL

7. Skega

8. Shamban

9. Stefa

Trelleborg’s array of proprietary materials and products include Zurcon, Turcon, Orkot, Stepseal, Isolast, and Wills Rings.

A global industrial group that specializes in advanced polymer technology, Trelleborg has been developing high-performance sealing products and solutions specifically for demanding industrial applications. The Trelleborg Group employs approximately 20,000 employees in over 40 countries. The Group is made of:

· Trelleborg Automotive

· Trelleborg Engineered Systems

· Trelleborg Wheel Systems

· Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Ever since 1964, Trelleborg’s share has been included in the OMX Nordic List, Large Cap, and in the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Trelleborg has long been playing a major role in the mechanical seals industry.

Industrial Tank Cleaning – Safety First!

Industrial tank cleaning and vessel cleaning has developed as a way to clean tanks and vessels in a safe and efficient manner. The old traditional way to do these tasks was with man power. This involved workers entering container spaces and physically performing the cleaning operations. This has considerable potential dangers for the work force as well as taking up a lot of man hours to complete.

Today, the preferred option for cleaning container spaces is for an automated system that does not involve people directly. A range of methods using various technologies have been developed that now manage to keep the direct cleaning by personnel to a minimum, thereby improving safety.

The industrial tank cleaning technologies that have evolved include vacuum transfer systems, tank cleaning heads and a number of pumping solutions. Vacuum transfer systems involve the remote suction of materials through a filtration system into a removal skip. It is somewhat like a giant vacuum cleaner, and indeed works on a broadly similar principle, but it can cope with difficult materials such as sludge, sand, stones, powder and liquids.

Tank cleaning heads are water driven under pressure. Compact, tightly focussed water jets can efficiently remove deposits and provide cleaning in enclosed spaces where it may be difficult or even dangerous for a man to enter. The heads may also be rotating so that they can reach every possible nook and cranny. They are also remotely controlled and can be produced as specialist heads able to cope with difficult tank entry points.

Pumping solutions are perhaps the simplest and most straightforward type of machinery involved in industrial tank cleaning. Pumps can be entered into a container space and the water or liquid in the container can then be pumped out. This is often employed prior to cleaning, or even after cleaning with tank cleaning heads.

It has not been possible to completely eliminate the need for direct human intervention in confined space cleaning. While automated systems are employed as far as is possible, there often comes a point where deposits need to be removed. In such cases it becomes necessary for a trained expert to enter the confined space in order to carry out the cleaning operation.

Procedures that are proven to be safe and efficient are used. The teams who operate in confined space cleaning are highly trained. The person or persons who clean and those who provide support from the outside both need to know exactly what they are doing. They need to fully understand the safety procedures and the safe working limits involved.

Of vital importance in industrial tank cleaning when it involves a confined space is the air supply to those working inside the container. Constant monitoring to ensure pure air is vital, and a standby or back up system should always be in place to meet any unforeseen emergency.

Industrial tank cleaning and vessel cleaning is a highly specialised task. It requires an extremely well trained team who work together well and who are fully up to date on all health and safety issues. Technologies are constantly evolving and it is likely that this specialised service will continue to improve in efficiency and safety as time goes on.

Implementing Your Automated Trade Forex System

First and foremost you have to be aware that when dealing with forex from an income generation or speculation point of view the process can be risky, and you can stand to lose money, whether you engage in manual or even automated trade forex.

Therefore you would do well to at the very least learn the basics in and around the market, so that you can understand the terminology and the processes that are employed within this increasingly popular potential income generation tactic.

Before going into the details of an automated trade forex and the system behind it, one has to understand what the point of trading foreign exchange is about, as well as some of the key facts and figures about this market. Firstly, a common statistic is that over 90 percent of people trading actually lose their money, hence the warning about familiarizing yourself with this process. Additionally the value of the foreign exchange industry is well into the trillions, which does indeed represent a value added opportunity for you to be able to make money, even if you are aiming for a fraction of a percentage of that action.

The process of trading within any foreign exchange market and or currency is basically the buying and selling of a defined currency, in order to realize a profit, which one could say is the basis of any sound business practice. However there are certain factors that may affect a currency either positively or negatively, these factors are at times picked up by analysts and conveyed to their clientele in what is known as signals. These signals can make or break your trading career, depending on the viability, as well as the success ratio of the providers.

When it comes to automated trade forex, one is literally working with what is known as a robot or bot, for short. Here the specifically designed software is pre-programmed to trade, on your behalf, and based upon specific signals that are put into the program as a set of parameters for the software to act upon. In simple terms these can be items such as set sop losses, or even gains, at which point the software will either buy or sell currency accordingly.

One of the benefits that are inherent in the program that supplies the process for automated trade forex is that it is not partial to human emotions and factors. This includes the fact that it does not sleep or eat and can literally work non stop, as long as the settings have been accordingly provided, and as long as the markets are open.

To implement an automated trade forex system, you will have to basically select a strategy that suits your risk profile, which can be from conservative to aggressive. This can be done according to the selection of a suitable expert advisor that suits this profile. In order to get the most out of your automated trade forex career and objectives in realizing a positive return on your investment in the system, as well as your invested funds.