Business Techniques for Automated Truck Washes – Industrial Mechanical Business Case Study

Due to hours of service rules for truck drivers, it makes sense for truckers to keep all stops to a minimum. So, if they need to use the restroom, buy fuel, eat, take a shower, get coffee, sleep, send emails, clean the windows, or wash the truck it makes sense to get it all done at one location with one stop or the fewest possible. This has been a bundling bonanza for truck stops catering to the drivers, and most travel and truck centers have all that and more, including a general or convenience store. Okay so, let’s talk about this, and the challenges of a single location “truck wash” shall we?

Now then, one of the best places you can advertise and market would be at a truck and travel center, and you should choose the truck stops on any major routes leading by your business, within a 250 – 300 mile radius. Some truck stops do have truck washes on their property, or across the street. If this happens it might be difficult to advertise your truck wash at those locations.

However, often there are competing truck stops across the freeway from each other, one with a truck wash, and one without. The one without may wish to help you advertise to make up for the fact that they don’t have a wash on the property as their nearest competitor does. Likewise, overall, most truck stops don’t have a wash, and therefore you are not in competition with them, and therefore you should ask them if you can put up your flyers, business cards, or leave newsletters in their break room.

Indeed, I can remember one time I was at a truck stop in my mobile command center, and some cute gals came up to me and they asked me if I needed my truck cleaned, then they handed me a flyer, and on the back of the flyer was a map of exactly how to get to the truck cleaning facility. I smiled, because as a businessperson I knew exactly what they were doing, and I thought that the owner of the truck cleaning company was quite wise to send cute gals to the truck stop to hand out flyers, and invite truck owners and truck drivers to their location.

Unfortunately, in my case it was in the opposite direction in which I was traveling, but I must have kept that flyer for six months. When I came back through the area again, I actually did stop there and get my truck cleaned. It’s amazing what you can do to increase the volume and number of trucks coming through your automated truck wash if you will just use a little bit of grassroots marketing, and think about how you can sell to truck drivers while they are parked. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Mechanical Solutions – A Must For Your Property

There are a variety of mechanical systems. In case of complex mechanical systems, constant maintenance and upgrading is required. There are many good companies that sell mechanical solution services. Such companies are known as mechanical contractors. Basically the top five services provided by them are as follows:

1. HVAC System Optimization: It is an acronym for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. HVAC systems refer to the technology of air conditioning. HVAC is an important sub-branch of mechanical engineering. The underlying concepts of HVAC are taken from the fields of fluid mechanics, thermo dynamics, and heat transfer. HVAC is very significant to large buildings, such as large buildings, apartments, skyscrapers, and industrial mechanical systems. This technology is also used to moderate the temperature of aquariums.

2. Sheet Metal Design And Fabrication: Changing the state of metal is known as metal fabrication. There are various technical aspects involved in metal fabrication. It is very important to know if the metal is ferrous or nonferrous. An efficient metal fabrication project involves detailed planning and specialized skill set.

3. Duct Design And Fabrication: Ducts are basically a part of HVAC technology only. These are used to deliver and remove air. Ducts are vital in good ventilation. The process of planning, size estimation, detailing is called duct design. Ducts can be made from a number of materials.

4. Pipe Fabrication: The process of fabricating pipes is called pipe fabrication. It includes pipe sizing, cutting custom length pipes, pipe testing, pipe priming and painting, pipe welding, and documentation and certification.

5. Industrial Cladding Services: These are used to resurface the existing buildings. There are many advantages of going for industrial cladding services. Industrial cladding makes a building look good and clean, thus elevating its face value. An elevated face value leads to high rent potential. Moreover, cladding provides resistance against corrosion and adverse climate conditions.

Automated Hematology Analyzers

Automated hematology analyzers are indispensable in clinical laboratory analysis. They are used to determine the non-cellular elements and the type, presence and number of cellular elements collected in blood and body fluids.

Automated Hematology Analyzers for Accuracy in Blood Count Measurement

For obtaining complete blood count and differential leukocyte count, the hematology automation process should be accurate. If the results are to be accurate, the hematology-analyzers you use should be functioning well. Manual calculations might result in errors. But with automated hematology analyzers, you can deliver accurate measuring values for the procedures.

Accuracy was usually questioned while using conventional analyzers. The advent of automated hematology analyzers has put an end to these questions. Innovative inventions integrated into these systems provide more reliable indications. Information available in a single analysis considerably reduces manual intervention and consequent errors. Multiple technologies are integrated in a single device and today, they are available with multi-tasking facility, advanced data management, color screens with color printouts, improved detection capabilities, automated sample handling and other exceptional features for obtaining accurate results.

Save Money Using Refurbished Models

Hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers might find purchasing bulk number of hematology automated analyzers rather expensive. As a solution for this, nowadays, used and refurbished models are available. Refurbished models are affordable, and at the same time have all the standard features found in brand new products. In fact, reconditioned products are well-repaired, tested, reassembled and packed. They guarantee all the specifications as that of a new product.

Find a reliable dealer in the field to buy the right product for your research needs. Abbott Diagnostics and Beckman/Coulter are among the popular manufacturers in the industry supplying quality automated hematology analyzers for the labs.

Packaging Supply – A Look Into Machines, Tapes and Encapsulating Compounds

Some of the most common types of packaging supply that people know of are plastic bottles, jars and glass containers. While all these items are good examples of these industrial products, there are yet other things found inside the list. The most common applications include pharmaceuticals, cleaners, food storage, supplements and cosmetics.

In all of these areas, machines, tapes and other supplies are used in the packaging process. Packaging machines are the more technical types of packaging supply. If a company eyes for simpler forms, tapes or films and encapsulating compounds may be considered. No matter what a business or a home wants from these industrial products, it is best to look into these three important types of supplies for packaging needs.

Packaging machines

When it comes to packaging parts, products and other components, no company will be able to fulfill the task without seeking help from packaging machines. Automation is needed in various phases of production like forming, filling, sealing, cleaning, wrapping and packaging. There are also those that are classified for sorting, accumulating and counting purposes. Specific types include batching, capping and sleever machines.

Some of the package types formed out of packing machines are aerosol containers, pouches or bags, bottles and jars, blister packs, boxes, capsules, cartridges, cups, drums, pallets and cases. These machines make use of corks, glues, heat seals, staples, nails and caps or lids when sealing various containers. Some industries relying upon packaging machineries are automotive, chemical, electronics, food and garment manufacturers.

Packaging tapes and films

A packaging supply in the form of tapes and films is one that is being utilized in wrapping and sealing different types of packages. It comes in the form of adhesives, shrink wraps, specialty papers and stretch films. Roll good products like volatile corrosion inhibitor or VCI wraps, moisture barrier films and rust preventive oil papers also fall under this category. There are types that are temporary in nature while some may permanently join or package materials together.

Encapsulants or potting compounds

These types in a packaging supply catalogue are special forms of adhesives that are favored in encapsulating semiconductors and circuit boards. They are used in order to fill electronic component containers as well as to penetrate electrical coils. They are favored because they are considered as environment-friendly options. Encapsulants are specially formulated for electrical compounds and resins and may come in the form of adhesives, pads, stock shapes, tapes, gaskets, thermal interface materials and gels.

Work Lights And Trouble Lights For Green Mechanics

Light emitting diodes, known as LEDs, are electronic light sources and are far more efficient than traditional light bulbs which use burning filaments to produce light. Incandescent bulbs waste 90% of the electricity they burn by generating heat – not light. In fact, state-of-the-art LEDs offer up to 6 times the amount of light as a conventional incandescent bulb using the same amount of electricity… and the efficiency of these new lighting devices keeps on improving. Fluorescent bulbs are more efficient than incandescent as well, but they contain mercury, a toxic material that pollutes our landfills. Both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are fragile – they break easily and compared to LEDs, and they have a short life. Many jurisdictions are banning incandescent bulbs in 2012, and many municipalities are running test programs using LEDs in such areas as underground, bus shelter and even in street lighting. LEDs are quickly replacing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in many applications because they are bright, they don’t break, they don’t get hot, they are eco-friendly and they typically last for more than 50,000 hr.

LED lighting tools that are used by tradesmen such as automotive, aircraft and industrial mechanics and technicians. According to a flashlight company spokesman, “the benefits of using LEDs as a light source are numerous. First, the diodes run for 50,000 hours or more, so they never wear out. Second, because the LED is so tough, in fact almost unbreakable, you can drop the flashlight or the work light without damaging the light. The tradesmen using an LED light really appreciate the this feature. Third, the LED has become so efficient that a mechanic can use a battery powered LED light, for several hours before it needs to be recharged, or the batteries replaced. And as another benefit, since the light is battery powered, there is no need for a power cord, and dragging a power cord around a crowded work area has always been a headache for most tradesmen.”

After decades of research and development, LEDs have become an excellent alternative to incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, and help in a small way to reduce carbon emissions.